Alexander Orr Jr. Water Treatment Plant

Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department

Client:   CDM Smith

Location:    Miami, FL

Scope of Services:

  • Evaluate and determine the level of redundancy and reliability of the existing Florida power and lighting source.

  • Evaluate and determine the need for existing spinning reserve arrangement.

  • Perform a cost-benefit analysis to determine the power consumption level above which generator operations will be cost advantageous.

  • Evaluate the existing generator system to determine the maximum level of process load that can be supported during emergency situation.

Water Transmission System Computer Modeling


Client: Miami-Dade Water &Sewer Dept.

Location:    Miami, FL
Upon completion of this project, it was an honor for METCO to receive the highest evauluation score of 4 on all 12 categories from Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department.

Scope of Services:


  • Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (MDWASD) retained the services of Metco to conduct a water modeling analysis and to identify improvements to meet fire flow requirements of Miami Water Distribution Network by using InfoWater Software.

Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County

Scale House and Operations Building


Client:   CDM Smith
Location:    West Palm Beach, FL


Scope of Services:

  • Site civil/utility design services and construction assistance for the new entrance road, scale house, and Operations Building and Maintenance at the North County Resource Recovery Facility located in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Broward County Water and Water Services District

3C Potable Water Storage Tank


Client:   Hazen and Sawyer
Location:    Miramar, FL


Scope of Services:
  • Provided construction phase services for HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection Systems which included:
    • Review of contractor submittals including shop drawings,
    • Fire protection system hydraulic calculations,
    • Operational and Maintenance Manuals,
    • Testing and Balancing Reports

Northwestern High School Renovation

Client:    Detroit Public Schools

Location:  Detroit, MI

The $9.2 Million renovation project at Northwestern High School was completed in 2012. Two light wells were created to brighten the hallways and common areas with skylights atriums. Lighting upgrades were also installed in the conservatory, hallways and classrooms.  Several classrooms were reconfigured and additional rooms were added for Technology, Data & Security. Metco was responsible for the following:

Scope of Services:
  • Complete Lighting Design
  • Repowering of HVAC System
  • Conduit & Wiring Drawings for the following:
    • Power
    • Lighting
    • Data System
    • Security System

Emergency Operations Center Data Management Center Chiller/Condenser Replacement

Client:   South Florida Water

              Management District

Location:  West Palm Beach, FL

The project consists of the installation of a new Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Chiller and replacement of two CRAC unit condensing units (CAC-1 and 2). METCO provided Study and Design of the following:


Scope of Services

  • Install a new 156 ton chiller, pumps and piping to serve existing and future loads from CRAC units, building air handling units and proposed future CRAC units and computer cooling equipment.


  • Modify the Chiller Room and Condenser Room as needed to accommodate the new equipment.


  • Modify mechanical piping/systems, electrical and control systems to support the new/replacement equipment