Stantec was retained by MDWASD to provide Design Services related to Consent Decree Projects at all three Wastewater Treatment Plants (Central, South and North District). METCO, as one of the subconsultants, is responsible for developing Design Report and Detailed Design Documents related to Electrical, I&C and HVAC system improvements in various process areas at these Wastewater Treatment Plants.

As part of the Master Contract for the Program, METCO was tasked to develop Preliminary Design Task Memorandum, Detailed Design Documents and Construction Assistance Services for major Electrical, and I&C improvements to replace the existing elemental gas Chlorination System at the Central District – Wastewater Treatment Plant (CDWWTP) with a liquid sodium hypochlorite storage and feed system.

METCO was responsible to provide the above services for the following key project elements:

  • New chlorination facilities consisting of chemical storage building, main process building with pumps and electrical building to house MCCs and RTUs.
  • Satellite facilities consisting of metering pumps and day tanks.
  • Electrical power and lighting for all new facilities and tank storage area.
  • Instrumentation and controls for all new equipment.